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Learning is for life. Our goal is to help you reach advanced career goals by providing opportunities to apply the leading-edge knowledge and skills learned from Georgia Tech’s world-class faculty and instructors. Outside of class, read the GTPE blog to discover the latest news and thinking from our people, programs, courses, and events.

Sep 13, 2019 | GTPE Communications
For most of us, unfinished business at college means a few remaining credits standing in the way of a diploma – not pursuing an additional advanced degree.... Read Article >
Sep 11, 2019 | GTPE Communications
Change. The word alone can trigger anxiety. When life as we know it takes a turn, it’s easy to feel intimidated; the familiar, after all, is comfortable.... Read Article >
Aug 28, 2019 | Colin Stricklin
Winning an Indigo Award is a career milestone for any graphic designer. The international competition features categories from computer animation to calligraphy, judges handpicked from industry... Read Article >
Aug 26, 2019 | Nelson Baker
In today’s business environment, it’s easier than ever to become irrelevant. New knowledge is being created at such a pace that we can barely keep up, and it’s perpetually expanding. Today’s... Read Article >
Aug 16, 2019 | GTPE Communications
In an era of rapid technological development, acquiring new skills is more than a matter of professional development. It is a matter of professional survival. The goal is to keep pace with change... Read Article >
Jul 19, 2019 | GTPE Communications
Even in the era of high-tech commerce and increased air freight, shipping goods via oceans is still a key cog in the global supply chain.... Read Article >