Cyber Security Certificate

New ways of working via mobile devices, cloud computing and other technologies bring connectedness and exciting opportunities for innovation. But coupled with emerging cyber threats, these opportunities may also place vital data and intellectual property in vulnerable positions.

The Cyber Security Certificate provides both technical and strategic knowledge to help you fully leverage innovations while moving your organization from a reactive to a predictive approach to risk mitigation. The certificate’s applied approach to learning coupled with its flexible curriculum allows you to give particular focus to technical topics that are most important to you.

How You Will Benefit

  • Discover the latest research and techniques for protecting valuable assets
  • Learn to apply systems engineering principles to build a more resilient enterprise
  • Develop deeper technical knowledge of emerging threats and mitigation strategies for reducing the risk
  • Learn to view vulnerabilities from the perspective of the intruder so that you may design more secure products, services and processes
  • Establish a decision-making framework for more effectively evaluating the costs and benefits of appropriate defensive strategies based on the risk your organization is facing
  • Practice newly learned skills through hands-on labs and exercises
  • Gain a competitive edge by effectively designing holistic rather than piecemeal solutions that consider interdependencies of cyber security.

Who Should Participate

This certificate is designed for technical professionals who seek to develop deeper and broader knowledge as they take on growing responsibilities for securing organizational assets. This audience includes but is not limited to:

  • Engineers and scientists who aspire to move into more senior security positions and need a broader base of knowledge
  • IT professionals moving into information security roles
  • Product designers
  • Managers recently been tasked with oversight of this complex area

Duration and Time Requirement

All requirements for a professional certificate must be completed within six years from the date of completion for the first course taken that is applied toward the certificate.

  • Delivery Method: Classroom format (face-to-face)
  • Schedule: Click the "sections" buttons below for dates, locations and meeting times

Certificate Requirements

  • 1 core course
  • 4 electives

Core Courses

Mar 10, 2015 (Tue)Mar 12, 2015 (Thu)Atlanta (Georgia Tech Global Learning Center) (this is an onsite course)$1,495OPEN

Elective Courses

Mar 17, 2015 (Tue)Mar 19, 2015 (Thu)Atlanta (Georgia Tech Global Learning Center) (this is an onsite course)$1,495OPEN
Aug 11, 2015 (Tue)Aug 13, 2015 (Thu)Atlanta (Georgia Tech Global Learning Center) (this is an onsite course)$1,495OPEN
Malware Analysis  (DEF 4601P)
Oct 27, 2015 (Tue)Oct 28, 2015 (Wed)Atlanta (Georgia Tech Global Learning Center) (this is an onsite course)$995OPEN
May 12, 2015 (Tue)May 14, 2015 (Thu)Atlanta (Georgia Tech Global Learning Center) (this is an onsite course)$1,595OPEN
Dec 02, 2014 (Tue)Dec 04, 2014 (Thu)Atlanta (Georgia Tech Global Learning Center) (this is an onsite course)$1,695OPEN
Dec 01, 2015 (Tue)Dec 03, 2015 (Thu)Atlanta (Georgia Tech Global Learning Center) (this is an onsite course)$1,695PENDING
Apr 14, 2015 (Tue)Apr 16, 2015 (Thu)Atlanta (Georgia Tech Global Learning Center) (this is an onsite course)$1,895OPEN