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Relational Database Design and Implementation & SQL

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Course Title: Relational Database Design and Implementation & SQL
Program ID: COMP 1275P Subject: Web Development

Course Description

This two day intensive course will take students through all the phases involved in developing applications on relational databases. The course uses a combination of lectures and immediate hands-on labs on a real-world project.

After a brief introduction to fundamental database concepts, students will learn how to analyze database application requirements and identify the major data structures and processes that must be supported. Students will learn how to use the Extended Entity-Relationship Model to specify the data structures and how to design normalized database tables for the data structures.

After an introduction to SQL, students will immediately use it to design the processes of the application on the relational database tables and will practice their skills using phpMyAdmin. A follow-on course will teach them how to implement database driven Web applications using PHP and MySQL.

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for business analysts, developers, web designers, managers, and other technical staff with little or no previous database experience.

How You Will Benefit

This course provides participants with a foundational understanding of data modeling, relational database design, and simple to intermediate-level SQL queries. By the end of the course, participants will be able to analyze existing database structures, write SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE SQL queries, and design their own database schemas from a list of business requirements.

What Is Covered

Students will:

  • Identify and discuss the fundamentals of relational databases and the database development methodology
  • Build data model specifications using Entity-Relationship Diagrams
  • Design, implement, populate, and query relational database tables
  • Write basic and intermediate-level SQL queries

Course Materials

Each attendee will receive copies of class slides, notes and lab materials.


Some programming experience is recommended.