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Tech Moving Forward: Learn about GTPE's plan to resume in-person learning and events.

Meet Vincent J. Hoover

When U.S. Army Plans Officer Vincent J. Hoover attended his first job fair, he had no doubt he was well prepared. Having graduated from the VET² Lean Six Sigma program offered in Georgia Tech-Savannah, the finance major and infantry officer was interviewed by eight companies. “Hands down, I was one of the best candidates there because of the Georgia Tech Lean Six Sigma Black Belt program,” he said.

Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

As a seasoned professional in her field, Sandy Seay, sales manager at Georgia Tech Global Learning Center, stepped out of her comfort zone when she signed up for the intensive, 24-week Full Stack Web Development Program offered by Georgia Tech Professional Education. With this rigorous learning experience behind her, and a certificate to show for it, she shares the challenges she faced as an adult learner and how she overcame them. 

Why did you choose to take the Full Stack Web Development Program?  

Meet Brian Brown

Agile Training Opens Doors to New Opportunities
Scrum Certification Program Graduate Bolsters Career in Software Development

Thriving in Times of Change

In today’s work environment, change is a given. It affects most employees at some point in their careers – if not throughout their working lives. While some struggle to adapt to new realities, others thrive. When Chris Sticher faced the biggest challenge of his 22-year career at Larson-Juhl, a Berkshire Hathaway company, he chose to thrive.

Meet Reemer Youmans

"No matter how technologically advanced systems are, retail supply chain operations are only as good as the employees performing the work," said Reemer Youmans, director of distribution center operations at HUGO BOSS, a men's and women's apparel company. With this in mind, Youmans sought to foster a sustaining, inclusive, and collaborative work environment in his operation. The Lean Supply Chain Professional Certificate Program through the Georgia Tech Supply Chain & Logistics Institute (GTSCL) helped him do just that. 

Meet Anargyros Antonopoulos

Ever since graduation, Georgia Tech School of Civil and Environmental Engineering alumnus, Anargyros Antonopoulos, has relied on GTPE’s professional development programs to advance his career in the construction industry.

Meet Andrew Lopez

Andrew Lopez has experienced how companies are seeking well-educated systems engineers and how having an advanced degree can help professionals move up the career ladder.

The Georgia Tech Professional Master’s Degree in Applied Systems Engineering made him a strong candidate for jobs with more responsibility and more pay. Since graduating in 2011, his salary has increased by more than 30 percent.

Meet John Bliss

John Bliss desired to open up career opportunities and knew education was a key component.

Bliss graduated with a Georgia Tech Professional Master’s Degree in Applied Systems Engineering in 2013. Within months, he was hired to lead project management teams at a new GE Oil and Gas facility and boosted his salary by 20 percent.

Meet Rock Mendenhall

Rock Mendenhall – a 2014 Professional Master’s of Applied Systems Engineering graduate – gained an advanced degree from Georgia Tech and friends who inspire and motivate him to move ahead in his career and education. “The classmates have a high drive for success,” he says, of his cohort. “You’re in a network of people that keep driving to do more. It pushes you to keep learning.” He was among 32 students who earned their degrees in August 2014.

Meet Jay Brown

When Jay Brown decided to pursue his Professional Master’s Degree in Applied Systems Engineering from Georgia Tech, he had been working in the engineering and software industry for more than 25 years. Brown, who had earned his bachelor’s degree in 1987, had been considering earning an MBA, but determined it would be better for him to pursue a more technical degree. He knew he needed to be equipped with systems engineering, problem-solving and management skills to take on future leadership roles in his workplace and in the industry.