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Professional Master's Degree in Safety and Health Achieves Important Designation

Beginning in January 2020, the Georgia Tech’s Professional Master’s in Occupational Safety and Health (PMOSH) degree program is approved by the Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP) as a Graduate Safety Practitioner® (GSP®) Qualified Academic Program (QAP).

The 21st-century learning reformation

In today’s global workforce, employers need to be able to recognize and cultivate talent more quickly, in a more complex environment than degree vs. non-degree can satisfy. However, with no current standardized framework for alternative credentials, everyone is trying to make sense of it all.

“Our future workforce will continue to accelerate in these kinds of needs,” says Nelson Baker, dean of Georgia Tech Professional Education. “Higher education needs to serve people along their entire lifespan.

Associate Dean of Learning Systems Featured on WABE

In an interview on WABE 90.1, Yakut Gazi, Ph.D., associate dean for learning systems at Georgia Tech Professional Education, gave a behind-the-scenes look at Georgia Tech's online courses. Find out how a little-known studio on Georgia Tech's campus is making "movie" magic happen.  Fast forward to 36:41 to listen to the full interview.

The Transformation-Ready Institution

The higher education landscape continues to be immersed in change, with institutions navigating declines in federal and state funding, increased competition, and a shrinking, yet more diverse, student population. As competition in higher education continues to intensify, college and university leaders face a growing sense of urgency to prepare for the future and transform.

Georgia Tech Ethics Logo Selected for International Design Awards

Winning an Indigo Award is a career milestone for any graphic designer. The international competition features categories from computer animation to calligraphy, judges handpicked from industry-leading firms, and entrants from nearly 50 countries. Tech’s own Bobby Strickland just won two of them.

“You can have something in your head,” says Strickland, “And if you keep it there long enough, you'll see it in your experience.” It is an apt philosophy for a graphic designer, and especially so for his prize-winning design.

Future-Proof Your Career with Lifetime Education

In today’s business environment, it’s easier than ever to become irrelevant. New knowledge is being created at such a pace that we can barely keep up, and it’s perpetually expanding. Today’s workers need to keep a finger on the pulse of developments in their fields and constantly update their capabilities. Ongoing professional development, in these ever-changing times, is not merely an option. It’s a necessity for professional survival.

First Professional Master's in Occupational Safety and Health Cohort Graduates

The inaugural class of Professional Master’s in Occupational Safety and Health (PMOSH) were presented their diplomas in a commencement ceremony on August 2, 2019. As a recent addition to the Georgia Tech Professional Education degree portfolio, this program made history as the first degree of its kind in Georgia.

Paper Published on Scalable Advanced Learning Ecosystems

Fifty-five educators from around the country convened on the Georgia Tech campus in November 2018 to discuss the concept of Scalable Advanced Learning Ecosystems (SALEs) or systems of learning that are both highly personalized and scalable online.

A new paper, Toward a Road Map for Scalable Advanced Learning Ecosystems (SALES), was recently published by the International Journal on Innovations in Online Education (IJIOE), which focuses on the five themes that emerged during this summit. The authors include Rob Kadel, Yakut Gazi, Steve Harmon, Ashok Goel, and Troy Courville.

Is Artificial Intelligence the Future of Education?

Dr. Yakut Gazi, GTPE's associate dean of learning systems, took part in a panel discussion at the 2019 IMS Global Learning Consortium, which was held in San Diego, California, in May. The topic was artificial intelligence and its role in the future of education. Dr. Gazi discussed artificial intelligence and its potential for enhancing Georgia Tech's groundbreaking affordable degrees-at-scale in computer science, analytics, and cybersecurity.

Dimitri Mavris Named Director of Georgia Tech PMASE Program

Dimitri Mavris, Ph.D., Regents’ Professor in Aerospace Engineering and director of the Aerospace Systems Design Laboratory (ASDL), has been named the Director of the Professional Master’s in Applied Systems Engineering (PMASE) program at Georgia Tech, effective July 1, 2019.