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Hazardous Materials Management Certificate

  • Overview
  • Program Requirements
  • Why Choose a Certificate?

Hazardous Materials Management Certificate

Be sure to review program requirements for this certificate

Strengthen your career skills with our certificate in Hazardous Materials Management. You’ll learn how to assess and control a range of hazards in the workplace and beyond. Plus you’ll practice decontamination procedures in a wide scope of scenarios.

Program Requirements

Program Requirements

Certificate Requirements
  • Certificates must be completed within 6 years; courses completed more than 6 years ago may not be applied toward certificate.
  • All courses applied to a certificate program must be taken from Georgia Tech.
  • This certificate does not require an application.
  • Core courses taken for one certificate may not be used as an elective for another certificate.
  • Only one free seminar can be used as an elective course.
How it works

Your path to achievement is easy! Most certificate courses are offered in classroom locations around the U.S. You can also inquire about training at your location.


  • Course load determines the cost of a certificate program.
  • Calculate your total by identifying the courses needed and tallying individual course fees. Some programs offer discounts for course bundling.


  • Select a certificate program, review the requirements, and determine your timeline for completion.
  • Add courses to your shopping cart for purchase as you are ready to take them, or as a bundle if desired.
  • Proceed to checkout to complete your registration. We accept multiple forms of payment including credit card, purchase order, a private loan (upon request), and VA benefits for certain programs.


  • Certificates must be completed within six years.
  • After successful completion of most individual courses, a Certificate of Course Completion will be sent.
  • After successful completion of all required courses, request a transcript and program certificate audit.
  • Upon verification, GTPE will email your transcript and mail your Certificate of Program Completion. Some programs host a certificate award ceremony during the final course.

Once you earn your Georgia Tech Program Certificate, tout your success on your resume and LinkedIn profile, share with your employer, and celebrate an important career growth achievement!

Why Choose a Certificate?

Why Choose a Certificate?

Professional Certificates are ideal for developing new skills and building deep expertise in a specialized area to update your professional profile, advance your career, or broaden your knowledge base.

Certificates are an “anytime” credential
Start anytime - after graduation or later in your career - and gain deeper know-how in a specific area without the commitment to a degree.

Certificates demonstrate commitment
The dedication of time to earn a certificate demonstrates that you are committed to achieving a higher standard of professional knowledge in your industry.

Certificates provide immediate “ROE”
Georgia Tech learners master real-world skills and apply them to their career the day after completion.

Certificates stand out on your resume
A Georgia Tech credential carries the professional weight to give you a competitive edge.


Who Should Attend

This certificate is designed for safety directors, supervisors, management, environmental technicians, people involved in the care, transport and clean-up of hazardous materials, emergency response teams, as well as educational, regulatory, and military personnel.

OSHA professionals working on job construction site

How You Will Benefit

  • Advance your expertise in managing and responding to hazardous materials.
  • Participate in hands-on training events for hazardous spills.
  • Create safe and cost-effective responses.
  • Reduce your susceptibility to hazardous incidents.
  • Update your knowledge of changing regulations, interpretations, and guidance documents.
  • Taught by Experts in the Field
  • Grow Your Professional Network

Course Offerings

Requirement A
OSHA 521: OSHA Guide to Industrial Hygiene (OTI 0521P)

Understand industrial hygiene practices along with OSHA regulations and procedures. You’ll learn about OSHA health standards, respiratory protection, exposure limits, engineering controls, hazard communication, hearing protections, and other related topics. You’ll practice using sc...

View Course Details »
Upcoming Sessions
  • AUG 16, 2022 - AUG 19, 2022
    Register by AUG 12, 2022
    Savannah, GA
  • NOV 7, 2022 - NOV 11, 2022
    Register by NOV 3, 2022
    Atlanta, GA
OSHA 2015: Hazardous Materials (OTI 2015P)

Fine tune your understanding of standards covering hazardous materials, including those from OSHA along with other proprietary and consensus standards in our OSHA 2015: Hazardous Materials course.

View Course Details »
Upcoming Sessions
  • AUG 8, 2022 - AUG 12, 2022
    Register by AUG 4, 2022
    Atlanta, GA
OSHA 2225: Respiratory Protection (OTI 2225P)

Learn how to create, maintain, and monitor a respiratory protection program. This course will give you hands-on training with a variety of respirators and support equipment. The topics in this course are a good complement to and run during the same week as

View Course Details »
Upcoming Sessions
  • SEP 20, 2022 - SEP 23, 2022
    Register by SEP 19, 2022
    Atlanta, GA
Advanced Hazmat School (HAZ 1006P)

The Advanced Hazmat School course incorporates two of our most popular specialist-level courses: Atmospheric Hazards and Air Sampling and Decontamination Specialist. Upon completion of the weeklong course, you will receive a certificate for the Advanced Hazmat School reflecting the two special...

View Course Details »
Upcoming Sessions
There are no sessions scheduled at this time. Please check again later.
Requirement B (choose one)
24-Hour Hazmat Technician (HAZ 1000P)

The 24-hour hazmat technician is a specialized role that requires specialized training. In this course, you will learn the basic knowledge and techniques required for personnel responding proactively to hazardous material spills in an industrial setting. The curriculum covers what the Occupati...

View Course Details »
Upcoming Sessions
There are no sessions scheduled at this time. Please check again later.
HAZWOPER Annual Refresher (HAZ 1002P)

This one-day course meets the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's (OSHA) Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) regulatory annual training requirements. The focus of this refresher course changes yearly to reflect trends and practices, regulatory updates, and ...

View Course Details »
Upcoming Sessions
  • SEP 1, 2022 - SEP 1, 2022
    Register by AUG 30, 2022
HAZWOPER Site Operations (HAZ 1004P)

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) standard requires all employees, supervisors, and managers working at or responding to  hazardous waste sites to receive training prior to engaging in hazardous waste oper...

View Course Details »
Upcoming Sessions
There are no sessions scheduled at this time. Please check again later.
Requirement C (choose one)

Choose any one Occupational Safety and Health course not used for Requirements A or B.

Certified Hazardous Material Manager (CHMM) Review may not be used.


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