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Electro-Optical/Infrared (EO/IR) Systems Engineering Certificate

  • Overview
  • Program Requirements
  • Why Choose a Certificate?

Electro-Optical/Infrared (EO/IR) Systems Engineering Certificate

Be sure to review program requirements for this certificate

Equip yourself with the knowledge and skills to design, integrate, test, and deliver electro-optical/infrared (EO/IR) systems within your organization. The EO/IR Systems Engineering Certificate will teach you the basics of EO/IR designs and trades as well as specific designs such as concepts, lasers, missiles, testing, and evaluation of hardware. Upon completion of this certificate, you will be able to create and support a culture of EO/IR system trades with continuous improvement, while aligning and providing measurable goals within your team and the organization.

Program Requirements

Program Requirements

Certificate Requirements
  • Effective January 2015, courses can only be applied to one certificate. If a core course for a certificate has already been applied to a previously-awarded certificate, then an additional elective must be taken.
  • Certificates must be completed within 6 years; courses completed more than 6 years ago may not be applied toward certificate.
  • All courses applied to a certificate program must be taken from Georgia Tech.
  • This certificate does not require an application.
How it works

Your path to achievement is easy! Most certificate courses are offered in classroom locations around the U.S. You can also inquire about training at your location.


  • Course load determines the cost of a certificate program.
  • Calculate your total by identifying the courses needed and tallying individual course fees. Some programs offer discounts for course bundling.


  • Select a certificate program, review the requirements, and determine your timeline for completion.
  • Add courses to your shopping cart for purchase as you are ready to take them, or as a bundle if desired.
  • Proceed to checkout to complete your registration. We accept multiple forms of payment including credit card, purchase order, a private loan (upon request), and VA benefits for certain programs.


  • Certificates must be completed within six years.
  • After successful completion of most individual courses, a Certificate of Course Completion will be sent.
  • After successful completion of all required courses, request a transcript and program certificate audit.
  • Upon verification, GTPE will email your transcript and mail your Certificate of Program Completion. Some programs host a certificate award ceremony during the final course.

Once you earn your Georgia Tech Program Certificate, tout your success on your resume and LinkedIn profile, share with your employer, and celebrate an important career growth achievement!

Why Choose a Certificate?

Why Choose a Certificate?

Professional Certificates are ideal for developing new skills and building deep expertise in a specialized area to update your professional profile, advance your career, or broaden your knowledge base.

Certificates are an “anytime” credential
Start anytime - after graduation or later in your career - and gain deeper know-how in a specific area without the commitment to a degree.

Certificates demonstrate commitment
The dedication of time to earn a certificate demonstrates that you are committed to achieving a higher standard of professional knowledge in your industry.

Certificates provide immediate “ROE”
Georgia Tech learners master real-world skills and apply them to their career the day after completion.

Certificates stand out on your resume
A Georgia Tech credential carries the professional weight to give you a competitive edge.


Who Should Attend

This certificate is designed for new or rising EO/IR system developers, managers, designers, program managers, and product leaders of a company or within the Department of Defense. It will also benefit those needing refresher training or any EO/IR manufacturing professional with an interest in designing, developing, and sustaining a culture of continuous product improvements.

How You Will Benefit

  • Learn to lead, support, and sustain continuous improvement efforts for your organization’s long-term operational and business performance.
  • Refine project management skills, process flow, process and technology integration, and more.
  • Respond quickly to the market.
  • Deliver metrics-driven ideas for design and development improvement.
  • Provide valuable figures of merit for designs and understand the most important requirement for programs and products.
  • Develop technology roadmaps and risk assessments.
  • Understand program cost and schedule savings.
  • Enhance customer satisfaction by satisfying expectations.
  • Taught by Experts in the Field
  • Grow Your Professional Network

Course Offerings

Requirement A
Basic EO-IR Concepts (DEF 3011P)

Get well-acquainted with the basics of electro-optical/infrared systems (EO-IR) sensor and system design and the uses of this technology across various applications through this introductory course. From requirements flow down to hardware testing, all of the elements of an EO-IR sensor/system/...

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Upcoming Sessions
  • NOV 15, 2022 - NOV 17, 2022
    Register by NOV 14, 2022
    Lake Buena Vista, FL
Optical Systems Engineering (DEF 8110P)

This course emphasizes first-order, system-level estimates of optical performance. Building on the basic principles of optical design, you will study numerous practical examples to illustrate the systems-engineering processes of requirements analysis, feasibility and trade studies, subsys...

View Course Details »
Upcoming Sessions
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Requirement B (choose two)
Infrared Technology and Applications - Open Access (DEF 3001P)

   In the Infrared Technology and Applications - Open Access course, you will explore infrared systems engineering with an emphasis on military systems. Examine problem-solving, design, and analysis techniques with emphasis on experience-based rules of thumb and develop a perspective...

View Course Details »
Upcoming Sessions
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Military Laser Principles and Applications - Open Access (DEF 3010P)

Gain a true understanding of military laser principles and applications. In this course, you will review and understand the fundamental physics and technology of underlying laser and laser-based systems, including basic operating principles and device capabilities. What's more, you will ex...

View Course Details »
Upcoming Sessions
  • JUL 18, 2022 - JUL 21, 2022
    Register by JUL 15, 2022
    Las Vegas, NV
Modeling and Simulation in Electro-Optical and Infrared EO/IR Systems (DEF 4007P)

In this course, you will develop the techniques of modeling and simulation for modern electro-optical and infrared (EO/IR) systems. Learn modeling techniques to sensor systems design, analysis, test and evaluation, and performance assessment. Plus, cover basic EO/IR physics principles, fundame...

View Course Details »
Upcoming Sessions
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Opto-Mechanical Design and Applications (DEF 8106P)

Opto-mechanical design brings together the many components required to build optical, electro-optical and infrared hardware. This is the part of the engineering cycle where all design concepts are expected to be resolved into real-world components that can be either bought or built. To prepare...

View Course Details »
Upcoming Sessions
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Requirement C (choose two)
Precision Stabilized Pointing and Tracking Systems (DEF 8105P)

Inertial stabilization, pointing, and tracking systems are designed to control the line-of-sight of an ever-increasing array of sensors, weapons, and other payloads of all sizes used in scientific, military, or commercial endeavors. Typical system configurations range from simple and almost cr...

View Course Details »
Upcoming Sessions
  • AUG 23, 2022 - AUG 25, 2022
    Register by AUG 19, 2022
    Atlanta, GA
Geometrical Optics and Image Quality (DEF 8108P)

In this course, learn a modern treatment of geometrical and image-forming optics, including cardinal points, marginal and chief rays, stops and pupils, F/# and field of view, paraxial raytracing, real raytracing, paraxial radiometry for flux transfer calculations, Seidel aberration contributio...

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Upcoming Sessions
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Radiometry and Applications (DEF 8112P)

Become a radiometric problem solver. In this Radiometry and Applications course, you will gain knowledge about the transfer of optical radiant power between a source and a receiver for a variety of source, material, and receiver combinations. This foundational course in radiometry is subdivide...

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Upcoming Sessions
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Missile Design and System Engineering (DEF 8200P)

Build upon your foundational knowledge of missile design and system engineering. In this course, you will identify key considerations, including the broad range of alternatives in meeting performance, cost risk, and other measures of merit requirements such as robustness, lethality, guidance, ...

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