Professional Education Subject

Leadership & Management

Stimulate new ideas, sharpen your decision-making skills, and develop business acumen essential for today’s business leaders. Gain the knowledge and tools that lead to innovation and profitable growth in a Georgia Tech course.

Courses In This Subject

  • Advanced Microsoft Excel (MNGT 1034P)

    Develop skills to use MS Excel as an analysis and presentation tool.

  • Applied Statistics for Six Sigma (MNGT 1029P)

    Focus on metrics and their importance in DMAIC projects. Learn how to identify the different types of data and how data is used to solve problems.

  • Applying Project Management Fundamentals in your Company (COMP 6380P)

    Learn the principles and practices of disciplined project management while discussing the unique challenges of your own organization.

  • Building High-Trust Relationships & Optimal Team Performance (COMP 6500P)

    This two-day workshop is intended as a forum that will help establish team relationships and improved team performance.

  • Business Analytics: Leveraging Big Data (MNGT 1040P)

    Learn what to do with all the data your business generates or can access to improve customer loyalty, drive innovation, and increase productivity.

  • Enterprise Transformation (INTD 2000P)

    Enterprise Transformation addresses the enterprise as a system and considers the individual, organizational, social and technological phenomena associated with designing, managing, and transforming enterprises.

  • Finance and Accounting for Non-Financial Managers (MNGT 1003P)

    Even experienced managers may find finance and accounting difficult to understand and apply. This program, taught by award-winning Georgia Tech professors, will provide the concepts and tools that non-financial professionals need to improve operating and financial decision making.

  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt (MNGT 1109P)

    Advance your Six Sigma expertise, learn proven tools for implementing the Define/Measure/Analyze/Improve/Control (DMAIC) methodology to a project, and return to your organization with a Black Belt Certification.

  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt (MNGT 1100P)

    Improve your bottom line and return to your organization with a deep understanding of the Six Sigma approach, proven tools for implementing the Define/Measure/Analyze/Improve/Control (DMAIC) methodology to a project, and a Green Belt Certification.

  • OSHA Voluntary Protection Programs (VPP): Protect Employees Beyond OSHA Standards and Attain VPP (EST 7016P)

    Advanced course designed to provide information and classroom and field exercises to successfully implement and achieve OSHA's most elite Voluntary Protection Programs (VPP) and other recognized systems.

  • Project Management Introduction: Fundamentals to Successful Projects (COMP 6300P)

    This course introduces you to the principles and practices of disciplined project management. Class discussion and group exercises present best practices from both the PMI Framework but also from the world of hard knocks. Gain a comprehensive overview of the skills, knowledge and tools needed to effectively manage projects. Discover all the ten knowledge areas and the five process groups of A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (Fifth Edition) established by the Project Management Institute as the industry standard for project management instruction.

  • Project Management: Case Study Workshop (COMP 6340P)

    This final course in the PMP series allows you to apply the principles of project management to an experiential real case study. Demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to effectively manage a project in a simulated environment of challenges, stress, and troubling vendor relations. Learn to build and use key project management documents. The unique challenges of projects are emphasized and groups get to compare their strategies and learn from the shared experience. You may take this final course regardless of whether your earlier courses were under the Fourth Edition PMBOK or the current Fifth Edition PMBOK.

  • Project Management: Communicating within Teams (COMP 6320P)

    Effective communication within teams is purposeful and managed. This course explores how teams differ in their communication requirements. Discover individual communications styles and how to adapt your style in project situations. Learn the stages of team development, the types of teams and how the project manager can apply different leadership styles depending upon the situation. Effective communication practices are combined with leadership techniques to help build more successful project teams.

  • Project Management: Delivering the Triple Constraints (COMP 6330P)

    Balancing the Triple Constraint of scope, schedule and cost often becomes the key to success in our projects. This course prepares you to face these competing forces by applying the knowledge, and tools needed to manage scope expectations within realistic project schedules and budgets. Learn to proactively identify and deal with schedule and cost variances to ensure successful project delivery. Gain the skills to effectively integrate quality processes into your project management practices. Use quality tools and build quality into project plans and the end product. Learn the specifics processes of scope, schedule, cost and quality management knowledge areas as defined by the Project Management Institute in A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (Fifth Edition), the industry standard.

  • Project Management: Managing Risk and Procurements (COMP 6310P)

    Reduce negative risk exposure in your projects and enhance opportunities by using effective risk management and procurement practices. Learn the specific processes of risk management and procurement knowledge areas as defined by the Project Management Institute in A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge, the industry standard. Identify potential threats, determine the impact of the threat, and develop a management strategy by quantifying and prioritizing project risks. Learn to effectively manage project procurements, those undertaken in response to project risks as well as those undertaken to provide other needed products and services. Incorporate successful vendor management practices to ensure successful completion of project objectives.


  • Project Management: Preparing for the PMP Exam (COMP 6360P)

    Prepare to take and pass the Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification exam. Get an intense review of the material covered in the PMP examination. Learn techniques for taking the exam and review all the critical components of A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) Fifth Edition.

  • Speaker Series: Safety Management Systems - Affect the Bottom Line Beyond Compliance (MNGT SS04P)

    Worker safety isn’t just about regulatory compliance. It should be part of your business model. Change the way your organization views safety and see the benefits to the bottom line.

  • Speaker Series: Leading Well: Coaching as a Key Development Tool (MNGT SS03P)

    Gain a foundation to incorporate coaching into your leadership development plan.

  • Speaker Series: Malware and the Modern Cyber Threat Landscape (MNGT SS02P)

    Gain a broad, malware-oriented overview of the modern cyber threat landscape from a Georgia Tech expert in this special seminar.

  • Understanding the U.S. Combat Missions and Aviators (DEF 3536P)

    The course allows individuals involved with the development, upgrade and maintenance of combat aircraft and aircraft systems to gain insight into the missions those aircraft fly and the individuals who fly them.

  • Wall Street on West Peachtree (MNGT 1039P)

    This is a one-week day camp targeted to high school students that introduces financial literacy, investing for growth, hedging and trading.