Professional Education Subject

Cyber Security

Learn how to protect your network, systems, and sensitive customer data in a Georgia Tech Information Security course. Topics include incident response and detection, legal requirements for data protection, and developing a business continuity plan.  Home to the renowned Georgia Tech Information Security Center (GTISC), you can trust Georgia Tech to deliver a up-to-date information security training for today's IT professionals.

Courses In This Subject

  • Cyber Security and Embedded Systems (DEF 4604P)

    Use embedded systems more effectively by considering cyber security in product designs right from the start. Think like a “hacker” to understand vulnerabilities and then identify best practices for mitigating risk.

  • Cyber Security Essentials for Decision Making (DEF 4600P)

    Explore emerging threats and operational challenges faced in securing sensitive data, networks, mobile devices, and applications, and learn the fundamentals of risk assessment and management, incident handling, business continuity planning, and associated legal/ethical issues.

  • Cyber Security: A Systems Approach (DEF 4513P)

    This course walks through information security vulnerabilities to highlight the issues with complex systems.

  • Exploitation and Defense of IT Systems: Hands-on Lab (DEF 4602P)

    Learn how to be a white hat and think like a hacker when designing products and systems, and their related security measures. Gain exposure to common exploits against IT systems and how to better defend and respond to these threats.

  • Fundamentals of Cyber Security (COMP 2500P)

    Learn about what it takes to manage and operate an information security program, and focus on areas such as risk assessment, risk management, incident handling, and business continuity planning.

  • Fundamentals of Cyber Test and Evaluation (DEF 4603P)

    Obtain an overview of the Cyber domain and how test and evaluation is used for Cyber systems.

  • Introduction to Network-Centric Warfare Technologies, Systems and Test and Evaluation (DEF 2508P)

    Commercial technologies and systems developed for the military are being combined to provide connectivity at all levels of command and operational environments. Get a practical, hands-on introduction to command and control concepts, systems, and test & evaluation.

  • Malware Analysis (DEF 4601P)

    Gain a foundational understanding of malicious software, how malware has shaped the global cyber security landscape, and its future impact. Discussions and hands-on exercises will demonstrate malware analysis processes and their complexities as well as illustrate how to appropriately size, design and build an analytical capability best suited for your organization.

  • Mobile Device Security (DEF 4605P)

    Learn to design and administer an effective mobile device strategy that protects data confidentiality and integrity.