Cyber Security

Georgia Tech Professional Education has helped organizations, workers and our country stay informed for decades. Now, our new cyber security courses are helping enterprises keep information safe and secure.

New ways of working via mobile devices (BYOD), cloud computing and other technologies bring connectedness and opportunities for innovation, but threaten vital data and intellectual property. Learn how to embrace new ways of doing business and protect valuable assets with strategies that will move your organization from a reactive to a predictive approach to risk mitigation.

Making information security a top business priority requires the awareness of everyone in an enterprise. And we understand that one size does not fit all when it comes to learning. Courses are designed to meet the individual needs of technical professionals, managers and executives.

Why choose Georgia Tech as your cyber security education partner?


Georgia Tech Research Institute researchers and scientists are on the front lines of solving some of the most challenging cyber security problems. As course faculty, they bring an applied orientation and share proven techniques.


  • Develop critical-thinking skills to meet today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.
  • Curriculum tailored to individual audiences allows everyone to effectively participate in building a cyber-resilient enterprise.
  • Earn a respected credential from a renowned university. Georgia Tech has one of the nation’s top 10 computer science programs.


Cyber security courses are offered to the public at multiple U.S. locations or taught at your location on a contract basis.

Take an individual course OR complete a series of courses in the new Cyber Security Certificate.


View cyber security from an enterprise, strategic perspective to enhance your decision-making. Cyber Security and the Enterprise (coming soon) has been created just for you. Partner with us to customize this course for senior leaders within your organization. Fill out the form above to receive more information.


Cyber security can impact how you build a new product, leverage new technologies, offer services to customers, and design new processes. Gain an understanding of cyber security principles and impact your organization’s competitive advantage, with Cyber Security Essentials for Decision Making.

Technical Professionals

As security incidents grab headlines, companies, governments and the military seek education in the critical area of cyber security. Stay at the forefront of the rapidly changing cyber security landscape by earning the new Cyber Security Certificate. Courses combine cutting-edge applied research, deep instructor expertise and an interactive learning approach.

The Cyber Security Certificate’s applied approach to learning, coupled with its flexible curriculum, allows you to give particular focus to technical topics that are most important to you.

Required Course

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