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CIVE 3005: Wood Design

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Course Title: CIVE 3005: Wood Design
Program ID: CIVE 3005P Subjects: Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering


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Important Course Information

The instruction is self-paced, but must be completed within 6 weeks of the registration date.

Course Description

This is an online course that will cover the basics of design for wood members in structures. It will be based on the National Design Specification for Wood Structures 2005 Edition (NDS) and uses the ASD method of design. Also addressed in the course will be the design of plywood diaphragms and shearwalls as well as Glu-Laminated members.

What Is Covered

  • Apply NDS Specifications for Wood Member Designs
  • Design Glu-Laminated Members
  • Learn Connector Design for Wood Members
  • Analyze and Design Plywood (OSB) Diaphragms and Shearwalls


All students are required to have the following:

Course Agenda

The following topics will be covered within the module structure:

  • Computation of Basic Stresses and Adjustment Factors
  • Beam design - Laterally Braced and Unbraced
  • Shear Design
  • Notch Effects
  • Tension and Compression Member Design with and without Bending
  • Connector Design - Nails, Bolts, Screws, etc.
  • Plywood Design - Shearwalls and Diaphragms
  • Glu- Laminated Member Design