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Lean Overview and Simulation for Healthcare

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Course Title: Lean Overview and Simulation for Healthcare
Program ID: HLTH 3200P Subjects: Healthcare, Lean & Process Improvement


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Course Description

This course is an introduction to the concepts, methods and approaches of a lean management system – the management system associated with the Toyota Motor Company – and the practical application of lean through a hands-on simulation. Course content is healthcare centric, using healthcare examples, terminology, and process/patient flow models to demonstrate how the lean methodology may be effectively applied to your environment.

How You Will Benefit

Through participating in this course you will:

  • Experience the impact of lean practices on a simulated process
  • Learn how to apply lean techniques to eliminate waste
  • Identify specific ways to increase throughput, reduce waste, increase profitability, and reduce lead times to make your organization more competitive.

What Is Covered

  • Introduction to lean management
  • The 8 wastes and where to find them
  • The lean tools including 5S, layout/flow, point of use storage, visual controls, batch size reduction, standard work, mistake proofing and set-up reduction.

Course Materials

Attendees will each receive a course notebook and materials for live simulations.

Course Administrator

Tim Israel

Course Agenda

  • Introduction
  • Orientation to Buzz Electronics
  • Production Round #1 and Debrief
  • Lean Background
  • Lean Tools 1-6
  • Production Round #2 and Debrief
  • Lean Manufacturing Tools 7-12
  • Production Round #3 and Debrief
  • How to Implement Lean
  • Questions and Answers/Evaluations